About Us

Blue Star Diamonds sources its rough directly from major miners and is vertically integrated down to selling jewellery to individuals down the pipeline. Having proficient, high standard and most updated machinery, we are at the forefront of the diamond industry. The core principles of long-term relationships, innovative thinking and corporate social responsibility are instilled in each activity throughout the organisation.

Rough Sourcing and Distribution

We are amongst the world’s largest rough diamond manufacturers in the world and by sourcing directly from miners qualifying for fair diamond trading under the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. This allows consistent and varied supply of products with one of the largest quantities in the entire marketplace. Our sourcing strength allows for constant development of rough expertise in terms of origin, quality standards, assorting and pricing.


We are driven by a constant push for innovation in our manufacturing arm by investing in the latest machinery, R&D and training for artisans in order to continuously optimise our polish output. Beneficiation, environmental and social responsibilities are the pillars of how the manufacturing units are run in both Surat and Gaborone. Our entire staff is guaranteed healthcare and are provided the most comfortable working environment globally. Furthermore, by establishing manufacturing operations in the diamond producing countries, it allows us to maximise our contribution to the local economies.

Polish Distribution

We distribute polish diamonds through our headquarters in Mumbai as well as from our satellite offices in Antwerp and Hong Kong. Large volumes and consistent supply to wholesalers and retailers through programs is something we strive for and we recognise the trust and guaranteed quantity of polish diamonds we can offer. Our values and ethics are fundamentally driven to develop long-term relationships with all our clients.

At Blue Star Diamonds, we meet all the requirements imposed by local and international laws and the relevant assurance programs in the diamond industry by complying with the WDC system of warranties..